About Us

My name is Lauren Rae Sullivan. I’m a homeschooling mama of three little ones, wife to Daniel, follower of Jesus, birth and sibling doula, and hobby baker.

My love of macarons began almost 10 years ago when I tried one for the first time at a wedding. I was instantly hooked. However, I was also broke, and loathe to spend $3 each time I needed a macaron fix. I investigated making them, decided it was too complicated, and tabled that idea. 6 years later, I tried making them, failed more times than I can count, and tabled the idea again. I finally picked up the spatula again in the infamous year 2020. Finally, I started having success! With this success came the drive to make more, to experiment, to practice, to improve. When the opportunity arose to participate in a brand new Farmer’s Market in 2021, I leapt at the chance to sell the hard-won fruit of my labors and spread my love for these delightfully pretentious little cookies.

Le Biscuit Prétentieux means “The Pretentious Cookie” in French. Macarons are pretentious, annoying to make, and obsession-inducing… but they are also delicious. Come get your macaron fix at the Farmer’s Market in Glendive, MT on Saturday mornings during the summer months and various markets and craft shows throughout the year.