Menu in Words

The possibilities are endless! I will list a fair number here, but just know that I can make virtually any flavor you can dream up, as long as the filling contains no ingredients requiring refrigeration (per cottage food laws)


The standard ingredients for my prize-winning macarons are: Almond flour, confectioner’s sugar, eggs, castor sugar/baker’s sugar, palm oil shortening, vanilla extract, cream of tartar, and salt.

Depending on flavor, they may also contain: Chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cocoa, tea leaves, pistachios, pecans, caramel, honey, fruit powders, almond extract, natural and/or artificial flavors, etc.

May contain tree nuts, eggs, milk, and/or soy.


Your basic, classic macaron. Simple ingredients, simple presentation, and no artificial colors or flavors

Vanilla Bean
Turquoise-shelled macaron with a vanilla buttercream filling, speckled with vanilla caviar and topped with pearl sprinkles

Irish Creme
This macaron is as green as the Emerald Isle and is filled with a chocolate ganache with a boozy-flavored kick

Wake up with this bold and delicious macaron filled with an espresso buttercream that is sure to put some pep in your step

This beautiful macaron has a bluish purple shell to match the punch of blueberry flavor in the pinkish-purple filling

This macaron contains gluten-free graham crackers in the shell and on top. The filling is a dollop of milk chocolate, surrounded by a dam of marshmallow buttercream

White Chocolate
White-shelled macaron filled with a white chocolate ganache

Cookies & Cream
Kid-friendly macaron with an Oreo cookie buttercream filling, topped and speckled with crushed oreo pieces

Strawberry Creme
These pleasantly pink and flavorful shells joined together by strawberry buttercream are sure to remind you of summertime

Simple, yet classic. These shells are flavored and colored by organic cocoa powder, with a rich dark chocolate ganache

Cinnamon Roll
This macaron is swirled and speckled with cinnamon throughout the shell and buttercream filling

Just the right amount of tart and a dash of gold grace this festive pink macaron

Pumpkin Spice
A fall favorite, this macaron contains pumpkin spice throughout the shell and filling, with pumpkin flavor in the filling

One of the most popular flavors for a macaron, this cookie comes in a pleasant light green color, topped with crumbled pistachios, and filled with a pistachio buttercream

Specks of your choice of real loose-leaf tea grace the shell of this decadent macaron, filled with a rich honey-infused buttercream

Chocolate, caramel and pecan, a time-honored flavor combination that is sure to please adults and children alike

Chocolate Turtle
Just like a regular turtle, but with a chocolate shell

Inspired by everyone’s favorite young wizard, this macaron is filled with a butterscotch buttercream with a butterscotch ganache center

Cherry Limeade
Experts say this macaron tastes exactly like the Sonic drink! It is brightly colored, pink with a blue-green stripe

Plain-shelled macaron with a caramel buttercream filling and a caramel center

Lavender Honey
I’m sure you know what color this one is! It is filled with a lavender-infused honey buttercream filling, with a tiny sprig of lavender on top

Orange Creme
This bright and refreshing macaron is, of course, orange, with a delightful orange-infused buttercream that is sure to bring a smile to your face

Sunshine yellow shell with a tart lemon buttercream

Red Velvet
A classic flavor combination of chocolate and cream cheese with a burst of color, this macaron is sure to delight

Chocolate Mint
The same as our standard chocolate fare, but with a shock of mint in the filling and shimmering teal abstract art on the shell

See our Menu in Pictures for sample photos of finished products!